We’ve got the perfect, natural, lightweight thermal layers for your next adventure. Simply choose the activity you’ll be doing and we’ll show you the layers that will work best for you.

At ioMerino, we’re all for adventure. Big adventures, small adventures, urban adventures, wild adventures… you name it, if there’s an element of adventure in it, we’re in! Which is why we created some of the world’s most comfortable base layers. But we didn’t just create them for ourselves, that would be just plain selfish. We’re more than happy to share them with you too, for when you’re out and about on your next adventure.

So whether you’re heading out to the mountains, trails, snow, water, or pretty much anywhere, if you want to stay warm and ridiculously comfortable, make sure you pack some ioMerino base layers.

Not sure what to take with you? No problem. Just choose the type of adventure you’re planning, and we’ll help narrow it down for you. And if all else fails, email us and ask us for some advice. Our team have experience doing all sorts of things all over the world, so chances are there’s someone here who can give you some first-hand advice on what to wear.

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