Bee Goncalves
Professional Skydiver & BASE Jumper. USA.

Bee was exposed to the skydiving world at the young age of eight by the footsteps set by her godfather and paved over by her mother, she too is leaving her footprint on this kindred path. Her passion for the sky has driven her to make over 4,500+ skydives and 600+ BASE jumps.When Bee decided to take the next step from skydiving into the intense beauty of BASE jumping five years ago, she didn’t just step… she LEAPED!

Travelling the globe, chasing the sun like a bird in migration; she extends her families trail to places only the imagination can take most. Europe in the summer doing yoga and jumping big walls, sand wall cliffs in the dry deserts of the states, BASE jumping and rock climbing, to wherever her vision leads her next… Her mother always says… “If you want something bad enough you’ll make it happen, if not you’ll make an excuse.” Bee has never been a woman with many excuses.

Follow @B33Girl on Instragam to follow Bee’s adventures.

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