Our association with the Fat Tyre Festival continued this year with another long weekend of awesome trails. With the cooler winter weather starting to kick in, the state’s premier mountain bike festival was yet again blessed with epic weather to enjoy the cracking single tracks around Melrose and Mt Remarkable in South Australia.

Australian Mountain Bike said “We love Melrose – it’s a truly microcosms mountain biking paradise” and we reckon they’re pretty much spot on with that appraisal. And this festival has it all – from a pump track to awesome single tracks through to spectacular countryside, complete with sheep and kangaroos!

We’d tell you who won the events, but there are no winners because there are no races! This is literally a get together of people who love trails, out there having fun. Considering the town has a population of around 400 people, it’s fair to say the town bursts at the seams and doubles in size come festival time – even the local caravan and camping area was overflowing! There was something for everyone with bike decorating for the kids, a pump track for the more adventurous to show off their tricks, right through to longer, more technical adventures for experienced riders.

The days may have been clear and (mostly) dry, but the mornings and evenings were prime ioMerino wearing times with near freezing temperatures. There may be bigger, more well known bike clothing companies around, but as always, those in the know layered up with some merino to stay warm and comfortable.

(Check out our tips for cold weather riding here.)

If you’re planning on riding in the cold weather, it’s a great idea to slip a superfine layer of soft, comfortable and warm ioMerino underneath your usual layers for extra comfort when you’re on the go. Of course, for the best results, you wouldn’t ruin the natural performance and breathability of our awesome MicroMerino® fabrics by covering them in stinky synthetics, but hey, if you want the look AND the comfort, a combo will still do the trick and stop you freezing when you’re out in the elements.

This year, every single rider received a pair of our Super Comfy Multisport socks and it’s fair to say they were a massive hit as well! And as always, we managed to spot a number of beanies and tops out there too!

If you missed the Fat Tyre Festival but what to check out the trails, just head up any time you like and see the guys at Over the Edge for maps and advice. Or if you’re up for some serious adventure, register for their 18 Hours of Melrose now – be warned, this event is not for the novice – or the faint hearted! (Although there is a slightly less insane 6hour option available!).

Over the Edge Bike Store in Melrose, SA

Over the Edge Bike Store in Melrose, SA

It’s in September and although spring will have sprung by then, there’s still a very good chance it will be cool in the mornings and evenings, so don’t forget to pack a lightweight layer of MicroMerino® to keep you warm and comfortable while you’re there. And if you forget to take one with you, you’ll find a great range in store when you get there.

Pics courtesy of ioMerino Crew member Sputnik who is currently recovering from a fractured ankle so was out there taking pictures instead of riding this year. For a full gallery of images from the weekend, click here.

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