Socks & Undies. 

We know what you’re thinking, “Not socks and undies again?!?!”. But wait, these aren’t regular socks and undies they’re awesome outdoor socks and undies for awesome outdoor dads. Like all our gear, they’re trail tested and ultra comfortable so when all else fails, these are your go-to gift. Guaranteed to please. And will keep his prized possessions warm and comfortable in all sorts of conditions.

Get some awesome socks and undies right here.

Beanies, Neck Tubes & Caps.

Sometimes you don’t know what size he is, so this is another great way to go. Unless dad has a ridiculously big head, we’re talking bobble-head proportions, these one-size-fits-all beanies, neck tubes and caps will work perfectly. Pure, premium Aussie merino and a luxuriously soft and natural way to keep his head, neck and face warm.

Choose from brand new beanies, neck tubes and caps now. 

Universal T-shirt & long sleeve Raglan 

No matter what kind of adventure dad is into, the Universal T-Shirt or Raglan long sleeve has him covered. Extra soft Merino makes these some of the most comfortable natural T-shirts and tops anywhere. Ever. They’re naturally breathable, and the thermo-regulating qualities of the wool provide natural insulation so he’ll stay cool when it’s warm, and warm when it’s cool. Perfect all year round, whatever the weather.

Check out a great range of Universal Tees now or the Raglan today.

Altitude Crew or Zip.

This is our signature item and if you want dad to stay warm and comfy when it’s cold, you’ll struggle to find a more natural, more comfortable, more Australian top than this anywhere in the universe. It’s premium Aussie merino wool, so it’s super soft and guaranteed itch-free. We’ve also made it with flat-lock seams so there’s almost zero chance it will chafe, even if he’s wearing a pack. (It’s basically the next best thing to no seams at all.) It comes in Crew for regular wearingthe Zip for extra versatility (sleeves up zip down when it’s milder, sleeves down, zip up when it’s cooler) and our exclusive, limited edition ‘Mongrel’ (for a few extra dollars) for dads who like to make a bit of a statement.

Get dad a best selling Altitude top here.


You’ll need to love your dad a little extra to gift him one of these hoodies, but one thing’s for sure – if you do, he’ll definitely love you a little extra in return! These are one of our most deluxe products made from the softest merino wool imaginable. They may look like any other hoodie on the market, but these take warmth and comfort to a whole new level.

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