For many years now, Merino has led the way as the natural fabric of choice for outdoor lovers. And when it comes to Merino, ioMerino has been at the forefront of innovation finding ways to make better, softer, more comfortable Merino fabrics made from premium Australian Merino wool.

We’ve always been purists, refusing to blend with anything else because we’ve believed nothing beats all natural Merino. Well, we were wrong. Our Australian design and innovation team have now made a world first breakthrough: introducing Kangerino.
This unbelievable new fabric is a blend of the all natural Merino wool we all know and love, and superfine Kangaroo fur. It’s taken years of research and development, but the end result is a fabric like no other.

Water just ‘bounces’ off.

As always, the Merino delivers natural breathability, moisture wicking, thermo regulation and odor resistance. But the addition of the Kangaroo fur adds several amazing new benefits including a water resistance like no other as water literally ‘bounces’ off it keeping you as dry as if you were under the Australian sun.

In built ‘Joey Pouch’.

All our Kangerino garments will also feature an innovative ‘Joey Pouch’ to store your things while you’re on the go. It’s a revolutionary new pocket design based on the Kangaroo’s own pouch, and only made possible by the unique fibres of the kangaroo fur.

Go faster.

While sheep aren’t the fastest animals going around, the Kangaroo can travel at speeds of up to 70km/h (44mph) and this streamlined fabric has been scientifically proven to help you go up to 17% faster when travelling on foot. The combination of natural compression and improved air flow result in the same sort of streamlined performance that helps a Kangaroo travel at high performance speeds. This is further enhanced by the Kangaroo’s unique acetate conversion process. Unlike other animals with similar diets that convert the hydrogen byproduct of fermentation into methane, the kangaroo converts it to acetate which provides energy.

It’s time to try Kangerino. Hop to it.

Our April 1st product launch will introduce this amazing product to the world, while our Kangaroo Shearing Team are busily shearing this season’s Kangaroos in the coming weeks – a slightly more complex process than shearing sheep! To be amongst the first people on Earth to try this amazing new Kangerino, sign up today and receive a special early release offer.

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