Natural outdoor clothing to keep you warm when it’s cold.

Us Aussies are used to lots of sunshine and nice warm summers, so we really hate being cold. That’s why we’ve created a range of natural outdoor clothing made with 100% pure Australian sunshine captured in every garment. It’s the lighter way to stay warmer.

Let’s be honest, it only makes sense you’d want to wear natural outdoor clothes when you’re out in nature, right? So it’s time to ditch the stinky synthetics and get yourself into some premium Australian MicroMerino® layers. They’re lighter, warmer, and Australianer.

The Chaser High Performance Hoodie 

It’s soft, lightweight, comfortable and sleek with a fitted hood. A perfectly versatile midweight layer.

Velocity Sports Jacket

This deluxe jacket is made from one of our finest MicroMerino® fabrics. Looks as good as it feels.

Men’s Elemental Zip

The unique ‘waffle’ MicroMerino® fabric delivers extra insulation for extra warmth without extra weight.

Summit Hoodie

One of the most comfortable natural hoodies available on planet Earth. 100% Merino. 100% awesome.

The Mongrel Base Layer

It’s a little bit of this, a little bit of that, and a whole lot of comfort. One of 2015s hottest sellers is back!

Chaser Mid Weight Leggings

Forget sweaty, stinky synthetics. These all natural Merino leggings turn up the comfort.

Multi Sport & Snow Socks

With 80% superfine Merino, these socks are more merino-y than just about any other sock on Earth.

AzTech Beanie

Snazzy reversible design. Super-soft itch-free Merino wool beanie. Your head will love you.

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