At ioMerino we love all kinds of outdoor adventures, and we want to know all about yours. We’re on the lookout for your best adventure articles to share with everyone in our upcoming Zone newsletters. So if you’ve had a good outdoor adventure, write it up into a story and send it through to us, and if we use it, we’ll give you a $50 ioMerino voucher to spend on anything you like in our online store.

All you need to do is follow these simple guidelines:

  1. Your story can be anywhere between 100 and 1,000 words long.
  2. It can be based on any kind of outdoor activity – hiking, camping, skiing, snowboarding, running, cycling… pretty much anything outdoors.
  3. While pictures aren’t mandatory, we’re more likely to use your story if it has some good pictures to go along with it. (They don’t have to be pro pictures, even decent smart phone pictures will be fine.)
  4. If you used your ioMerino, be sure to let us know. Likewise, if you’ve not yet purchased any ioMerino but wish you’d had some to wear, make sure you mention that.

Then, simply send your stories to to be in the running. If you’d prefer to pre-pitch your idea for us to review before writing your article, that’s cool too!

The not so fine print: You will retain ownership of all words and pictures. If we choose to use your story, we will send you a $50 gift voucher in return for the right to reproduce your story and images in our Zone blog and/or in our Zone newsletter.
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