Trail Runner, Adventure Tour Operator & Author. Australia.

Sputnik is an internationally awarded creative who took a wrong turn and stumbled into trail and ultra running.

After deciding to run the New York Marathon in 2010 as a bucket list adventure, he caught the running bug and basically hasn’t stopped since. He’s now clocked up numerous marathons and ultra marathons including the Tarawera 100km Trail Race in Rotorua, (New Zealand), The North Face 100 in the Blue Mountains, (Australia), and the Manaslu 212km Stage Race in Nepal – the race that nearly cost him his life half way up the world’s eighth highest mountain.

Sputnik is Chief Swashbuckler at The Swashbucklers Club where he takes groups on running and adventure tours to amazing places such as Bali and Cambodia, and is the author of several books, including one on running, ‘The Swashbuckler’s Guide to Running Away from Dinosaurs’.

To stay warm and comfortable on all of his travels and adventures, Sputnik finds himself just about living in ioMerino thermal base, mid and outer layers.

Favourite Gear: 


“OK, so I don’t wear this around my neck, but i do wear it beanie and bandana style. All the time. In hot weather to keep the sweat out of my eyes. And in cold to keep my head or ears warm. I can’t think of any adventure I’ve been on in the past few years where I haven’t taken at least a few of these with me. A must have”.

Elemental Zip. 

“One of the newer products I’ve discovered. For me, this is more of a before and after garment to wear as I’m more likely to run or ride in a Vital and Altitude combo. But when I’m finished a run and my body temperature drops, it’s nice to put a mid layer on and this one rocks”.

Altitude Zip. 

“When it’s slightly milder I’ll go the Altitude T, but during Winter I’m a bit soft so will take the warmth of having a sleeve. The thumb loops help keep my hands warm if I’m going sans-gloves, and although the crew version of this top is awesome, I love being able to zip up or zip down as I get warmer or cooler. It’s super comfy and super versatile. (I’ll also whack this one in my pack and pop it on over an Altitude T if it gets colder when I’m out and about.)”

Follow @theswashbuckler on Instagram to keep up to date with Sputnik’s upcoming adventures. Here’s a little sneak peak:

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