While most people holidaying in Spain this time of the year are relaxing on sunny beaches and sipping fancy cocktails, ioHead Honcho David Michell did just about the complete opposite. While there was the usual dose of sight seeing and mandatory coffee drinking, David got around by bike and had one hell of a cycling adventure – and, of course, stayed warm and comfortable in his ioMerino the whole time.

It seems he spent a lot more time going up hill than originally expected with a total climb of 10,145m up and then down all sorts of hills and mountains or as David likes to call them ‘walls’. But rest assured, he only encountered one unfortunate fall during the 10 days/732kms and has made it home safe and sound, and in one piece. The good news is the fall happened while he was standing still, so the only real damage was a slightly bruised ego. ;-).

As a fifth generation wool man, it’s no surprise David’s a bit of a ‘Black Sheep’ when it comes to cycling gear, so took with him an exclusive ioMerino cycling jersey made specifically for this trip. He wanted to test its performance and durability in some extreme conditions before even considering making it for the public, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. While nothing’s been confirmed just yet and we’re still in the development stage, keep your eyes peeled as we MIGHT be releasing a brand new cycling jersey in the next couple of months. :-O.

(If you’re interested in trying Aussie Merino for your cycling adventures, be sure to click here and check out our awesome range.)

For those of you who don’t already know, ioMerino is naturally temperature regulating meaning for David, he kept cool when the sun was out and didn’t overheat when he was working up a sweat on all of those hill climbs, but also stayed warm when the weather cooled down or he was on higher ground.

For example, he was feeling a little exhausted around half way through the tour, so thought it would be a good idea to choose the shorter course to Vallter 2000 Ski Village. Little did he know the ‘shorter course’ was what he described as “nearly vertical”, so he was literally dripping with sweat by the time he reached the top. And while the views up there were great, it was also pretty chilly, so he was definitely grateful to be well prepared with a fabric that’s got your back no matter what. And let’s just say the fact ioMerino is stink-resistant also didn’t go astray, that’s for sure!

This trip was actually a Bike Style Tour and David certainly wasn’t the only one who thought riding 5 hours a day for 10 days straight was a good idea. In fact, there were 12 other Australians in his group all from completely different walks of life – farmers, lawyers, restaurant owners, ioMerino owners (you get the idea!)… but all shared the same passion for riding. The tour was based around an hour and a half outside of Barcelona in a town called Girona which is conveniently located in the foothills of the Pyrenees Mountain Range. It’s no wonder they went up and down so many ‘walls’!

And the adventure doesn’t stop there for David. He’s currently getting up to all kinds of fun in Norway! Kayaking, glaciers, waterfalls… you name it! Keep an eye out on our blog in the next few weeks to find out more, but in the meantime, check out the pics below for a little sneak peak! 🙂

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