For those of you who don’t know, Rogaining is a sport that involves cross country navigation, and hitting checkpoints along the way to accumulate points as you go – most points collected within the time limit wins. And there’s no Google maps, GPS assistance or pre-planning. This is strictly ‘old school’. Teams generally only receive maps within an hour of the event, using a trusty compass and some navigational know-how to strategize their intended route in order to collect as many points as possible. And not surprisingly, the more difficult checkpoints offer more points – so there’s a lot of strategy involved if you’re going to come up trumps. Of course, plenty of people go rogaining just for the fun of it all, but that won’t likely be the case at the upcoming World Rogaining Championships in Northern Australia at the end of July.

The event will attract outdoor lovers from across the globe, as they descend on the East McDonnell Ranges in remote Central Australia. For our friends around the world who may not know where that is, imagine the exact centre of Australia, about an hour from Uluru/Ayers Rock and you’ll be around the mark.

Previous World Championships have been held in the Pskov region in the Russian Federation, Black Hills in South Dakota USA, and last year in Lapland, Finland. So these rogainers sure do cover some ground!

This year they’ll be in Australia and while it’s easy to think of Australia’s ‘Red Centre’ as being scorching hot desert, overnight temperatures at this time of year can plummet to below zero and even daytime maximums can be in single figures! Lucky for them, this year ioMerino is a supplier of official merchandise with a bunch of T-shirts and Long Sleeve tops heading north to keep everyone warm and comfortable while they’re up there. Even better, if they do manage to pull some mild weather, the high performance thermal MicroMerino® fabric we use in our Ts and tops will help keep them comfortable regardless of the temperature. So no stinking up, no overheating if the sun comes out, no chafing… no problem!

(You can check out the same Keystone Ts and Long Sleeve tops in a few different colors, along with the rest of the gear we recommend for the trails, by clicking here.)

At ioMerino, we’re into the outdoors, and love being involved in these sorts of events and sharing our love of natural outdoor clothing with people from all over the world. And it’s nice to know that, along with some pretty awesome memories, these teams of outdoor lovers from all over the world will be taking home a little piece of Australia with them when they leave thanks to the 100% Australian premium merino we use. So big thanks to the team at the World Rogaining Championships for letting us be a part of it all.

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