As a company who uses nothing but the finest Australian Merino wool, it’s safe to say we’re proud to be Australian. BUT, that doesn’t mean we’re not willing to share our awesome Aussie Merino Wool with the rest of the world! Especially those who are in places where it’s cold more often than not. So when our Italian friends, Glorija and Giacomo, told us they were planning to hike through Europe’s legendary Carpathian Mountains as part of the ‘Altripiani Project’, we couldn’t help ourselves and had to get involved. Plus, we made sure they were going to be decked out in some of the world’s softest, warmest and highest performing Merino Wool layers for the huge adventure ahead!

Glorija and Giacomo both wearing their new season ‘Mongrel’ Merino Wool Base Layers

According to Glorija, ‘Altripiani’ is a play on the Italian words ‘altipiani’ meaning highlands and ‘alrti’ meaning other/alternative, implying a way of travelling slow and conscientious. She says, “In order to reach the beauty of the little things and their simplicity by experiencing them, we need to go and visit the uncontaminated nature, the earth, the mountains. That also means to be a pedestrian and to deal with a trip by foot, which requires a slow travelling, made of effort, conquest, faces, stories and tales”, which perfectly describes what they’re setting out to achieve with this trip. They’ll be spending just over a month walking, hiking and hitching across the Carpathian Mountains, stopping through Slovakia, Poland, The Tatra Mountains, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, plus everywhere (and everyone!) in between. “First step is Slovakia and for the rest… we’ve drawn a trail, but we’re not sure of what is going to happen, as our plans could change on the road at anytime… “Altripiani”, you know?!”, Glorija laughs.

With limited internet access on the road, Glorija has been keeping us updated and sending through awesome pictures where she can. From what we can see, it certainly hasn’t been an easy start, in fact Glorija described it as ‘challenging’. “Our legs are already wearing in, but the adventure ahead is still long”, she says. “We’ve experienced all kinds of weather conditions, from sun and springy green to snow with cold winds from the north. We hope the weather gets better and the temperature higher!”.

A hiking/backpacking adventure like this is really the perfect opportunity to put ioMerino layers to the ultimate test. Not only are our superfine Merino Wool layers warm, lightweight and soft against the skin, they’re also naturally temperature regulating, meaning Glorija and Giacomo will stay warm in the mornings and nights, but also won’t overheat when the sun is out during the day, or when they’ve worked up a sweat from a full day of hiking. And while they’ve only thrown a few layers in their packs to keep the load light, they should have enough gear to get them through a multitude of weather conditions and elements. Oh and Merino Wool is odor-resistant making it perfect for an adventure like this where there’s minimal opportunity to wash your clothes!

If you’d like more info on the Wool Layers we recommend for a trip like this, click here. 

Glorija and Giacomo packed the following items:

Giacomo in his Mongrel 2.0 Merino Wool Base Layer

Giacomo in his Mongrel 2.0 Merino Wool Base Layer in Bulgaria

We’ll be sure to keep you up to date with the rest of their trip, but you can also follow their adventures yourself on their official website  and Facebook page

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