One of the questions we get asked quite a lot is “What’s the ‘io’ in ‘ioMerino’ stand for?”. And it’s a fair enough question.Well, we’ve decided to clear it up once and for all. ioMerino has always been a brand for people who are into the outdoors. And for people who are heading in to the outdoors. Whether that be on trail, on mountain, on the water… anywhere outdoors. 

And that’s what the ‘io’ stands for. ‘Into’ the ‘Outdoors’. Because ioMerino is the perfect, natural clothing to wear outdoors.

We’ve never quite understood why people who love nature and natural things so much would then go and dress themselves in plastic? OK, yes, there are times when there are no natural alternatives. We’ll admit if you need good waterproofs, you’re going to have to bite the bullet and wear something synthetic. But if you’re looking to say comfortable and warm, why choose plastic when you can choose one of Mother Nature’s best natural fibres: Merino wool.

And if you’re going to choose Merino, then it would only make sense to choose the good stuff. Australia produces some of the best Merino wool in the world, and we use exclusively Australian Merino wool. Not the coarse, scratchy stuff. Not the cheap stuff. We use the best of it. And with 140 years of wool-heritage behind us, we think you’ll be hard pressed to find another company who knows more about wool than we do. They might have fancier ads. Or sexier patterns printed on their gear. But they won’t know more about wool than we do, or make garments that will feel and perform better than ours. Which is why we’re proud that our customers are the ones that value quality and performance over glitzy marketing. That our customers are into natural over synthetics. And are into the outdoors as much as we are. Oh, and now we have  fancy new logo that celebrates our love of the outdoors and our Australian heritage. There’s an ‘i’ with a star on it. And no ordinary star, but it’s what’s known as the Federation Star as featured on the Australian flag, and as a proudly Australian company, is a show of our heritage and country of origin. And then there’s the stylised ‘M’ which, of course, represents a mountain and the great outdoors in general. So there you go, if you’ve ever wondered what the ‘io’ stands for, and what ioMerino is all about, now you know. See you in the outdoors.

An evolution of logos. From old to new.

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