Irene Munguia is a mountain lover and adventurer based in Spain who we just happened to cross paths with a while back. We caught up with her to talk about some of her more recent adventures and, of course, to find out how her ioMerino has been going in the lead up to the cooler weather.

Irene staying protected from the elements in our limited edition Mongrel Base Layer

One of her most recent trips was to Picos du Europa – which literally translates to ‘Peaks of Europe’. The Picos are about 20kms from the northern coast of Spain and are part of the Cantabrian Mountains, making it the perfect playground for someone like Irene.

“I just spent the entire weekend there by myself hiking, running and exploring the summits” she says. In true mountain lover style, Irene says she had no particular goal, and instead was happy to “explore the summits without any direction”. Sounds like a few other navigationally challenged adventurers we know who mostly unintentionally explore areas without any direction! At least in Irene’s case it was on purpose.While skiing is definitely her first and greatest love, there’s no down time in the off season for this pocket rocket adventurer, filling her time with as much awesome as possible. After returning from The Picos, no sooner had she unpacked her bags, she was off again the following weekend – this time further west in Asturias.

So what did she get up to there exactly? “I went with an adventure company taking photos and making a video and we did some rock climbing, kayaking, and explored some canyons.”

Irene says she loves how lightweight her ioMerino layers are when she’s travelling. “It’s really light compared to other clothes. They’re comfortable and the best environment for the clothes is when it’s freezing cold because it keeps you so warm.”

The Altitude ‘Mongrel’ (last season’s is now almost completely sold out, but stay tuned for news of a new season Mongrel coming soon) is one of Irene’s favourite items along with her Pearl Vital Base Layer. 

With the cold weather fast approaching for our Northern Hemisphere friends, now’s the time to grab some lightweight layers for your adventures!

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