The I/O Merino Crew are an adventurous bunch. Their adventurous spirits take them to places some could never imagine. (Or, if you’re afraid of something like heights, you’d probably never want to imagine.) Skateboard bungee jumping. Diving out of a plane at 20,000 feet. And being exposed to some of the most extreme weather conditions on Earth is all part of the adventure. At least they’re warm, comfortable and protected by the elements in their MicroMerino® thermal base layers.

I/O crew member Mark Kogelmann is famous for freeride skiing some of the wildest, (and scariest), mountains in the world, but not only is he awesome on the slopes, he also happens to be an incredibly talented adventure film maker. In fact his production company, SoulRyders, has just won the 2015 People’s Choice Award for their short film ‘Kashmir’ at the 10th Annual Coldsmoke Awards. The Coldsmoke Awards bring together film makers and athletes from all over Northern America to celebrate winter sports and adventure. Through artistic film and imagery, the competitors showcase their passion for winter culture. And a few lucky ones get to take home awards at the end of the night.

Mark Kodgelmann I/O Crew Member

(left) Mark Kogelmann, I/O Crew Member and winner of the 2015 People’s Choice Award for their short film ‘Kashmir’ at the 10th Annual Coldsmoke Awards.

SoulRyders filmed their award winning short film ‘Kashmir’ when they visited the Himalayas in 2013. During their trip they explored the magical Pir Panjal mountain range, capturing not only its beauty, but also the Kashmiri culture along the way.

Mark himself is a passionate adventurer whose love of the mountains goes back further than most. He’s the youngest of four children who, all being alpine skiers, share an absolute love of winter sports. So it’s probably not all that surprising Mark knew he wanted to spend his life skiing when he was just three years old. And since then, he’s done just that. Which makes him pretty much the perfect candidate to try out new I/O Merino products and wear them religiously.

While filming and skiing, the temperature was well below zero in the mountain range, but Mark stayed warm and comfortable in his I/O Merino thermal base layers. Mark lived in his MicroMerino® Pilot Suit during the trip. “Whether I’m watching movies in a cabin, or on top of a glacier this is easily my favorite product I/O makes” he says. The Pilot Suit is made from our flagship Enigma MicroMerino® fabric that’s used in our best selling Altitude Range. There’s something for everyone in the Altitude Range with everything from long sleeve thermal base layers to men’s and women’s base layer underwear to keep you warm and comfortable on all adventures, great and small.

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