Andrew Peacock is the man to be thanked for the breathtaking images featuring on I/O Merino’s website and will be sharing the stories behind the snapshots in the coming weeks. 

“The glacier photograph featured throughout our website was  taken at Neko Harbour, an inlet on the Antarctic Peninsu
la. Being part of an expedition team allowed me to access the point at Neko Harbour and capture the shot of a lifetime. Glacial landscapes are a prominent feature of the Antarctic scenery, however this was different to others due to the huge crevasses splitting the ice.

Getting the image was one of the more dangerous and exciting experiences I have had. Snow stakes, ice screws and ropes were my tools of choice to access the glacier and to get a closer look at the icy depths. Being lowered into the deep crevasse was an experience never to be forgotten and is one thankfully immortalised on film. To photograph the experience I stood right on the edge of the crevasse while harnessed to the safety system and used a fish eye lens to show and emphasize the wide open mouth of the crevasse. At one point my foot did drop through the undercut edge of the crevasse and the rope came tight on my harness as I teetered toward the huge hole which was a startling moment for sure!”

Stay tuned for another behind the scenes tale from mountain biking in Tasmania!
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