When it comes to adventure events around the globe, you’ll be hard pressed to find one more out there, or up there, than the recent Turkey Boogie that was held in Moab, Utah recently. I/O Crew member Bee Goncalves was there and was more than happy to tell us all about what goes on at a ‘Turkey Boogie’.

“It’s a great event for rock climbers and base jumpers and this time we were joined by some slack liners as well” Bee said. “The area is famous for its red rocks and natural beauty and is a great place for all kinds of adventures.”

At the Turkey Boogie, those adventures included plenty of BASE jumping. Usually BASE jumping involves parachuting from a fixed structure or cliff, (BASE actually stands for Building, Antenna, Span or Earth), but this time around it included jumping from something called a ‘space net’ built by a group known as the Moab Monkeys.

Bee Goncalves hanging out in the ‘space net’ built by the Moab Monkeys

Jumping from the Space Net

This ‘space net’ was a spiderweb-like net suspended in ‘space’, some 400 feet above the ground and spanning approximately 200 feet across, secured by five points – making it the perfect platform to launch from. For those with the sense of adventure to do such a thing, that is! “Most people think of jumping off something existing, but they created something for us to jump off – I suppose the net qualifies as a span” she said.

The four day event had jumpers making up to 20 or 30 jumps each, with the ‘turkey belly bulls-eye’ competition providing much interest for the more competitive jumpers. The prize for landing as close as possible to a bulls-eye painted on a turkey on the ground after jumping off the 400 foot Tombstone rock formation may have been modest, (a T-shirt and a small cash prize), but bragging rights were certainly right up there. Importantly, the competition entry fees all went towards supporting the local Grand County Search and Rescue Team, as did funds raised from various other social events and a raffle during the get together. Considering the team performs approximately 100 rescue missions a year for the various adventurers in the area, they can no doubt use all the funds they can get and at I/O Merino we were more than happy to send a few prizes of our super warm and comfortable thermal Merino wool base layers their way.


Bee Goncalves at the Turkey Boogie in Moab, Utah

So other than a parachute or wing suit, what does Bee wear on her adventures? “I totally love I/O Merino clothing so it’s not difficult for me to give it a good review” she laughed. “ I wear pretty much all of it! Right now I’m in Washington and there’s not a day I haven’t put the leggings on. I love that you can stay warm and comfortable when it’s freezing cold – even if you’re a bit wet or soaked with sweat.”

I/O Crew Member Bee Goncalves wears Celestial Purple Altitude Zip Base Layer

I/O Crew Member Bee Goncalves wears Celestial Purple Altitude Zip Base Layer

While packing for all sorts of adventures requires a degree of skill and know-how, base jumping throws up its own particular challenges and packing becomes even more crucial as Bee explains: “You have to remember we have to jump with whatever we take up with us. So I can’t afford to take a lot of gear. On your ascent there’s critical things you need – just like hiking or climbing. But we have to jump with everything so what we take is extra important. We can’t afford to take any unnecessary gear that may not fit beneath a wing suit, for example, and sometimes you can be stuck at the top of a cliff for hours in the cold waiting for the wind to die down. When I have my Altitude Long Sleeve Crew and an Altitude Tshirt on, I’m fine and can stay warm and comfortable even when it’s cold.”

We may not have had jumping off cliffs in mind when we created our super soft, warm and comfortable natural Merino thermal base layers, but it’s good to know they come in handy for anyone crazy enough to do such a thing!

With the Turkey Boogie behind her, and her current yoga stint in Washington coming to an end, where will Bee and her trusty I/O Merino wool thermal base layers be heading next? “I’m heading down to the Arizona BASE Boogie in Phoenix in a few weeks then it’s on to Mexico to teach some sky diving. And hopefully I’ll be doing a bit of base jumping, rock climbing and wing suiting while I’m there.”

Bee Goncalves mid BASE jump

To check out some of what they got up to at the Turkey Boogie, check out these videos:



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