Downhill skateboarder and I/O Crew member Lee Cation has the somewhat dubious nickname of ‘Unkle’ – bestowed on him by downhill legend Mike McGoldrick for, amongst other things, going grey early! The reality is Lee is still somewhat of a ‘spring chicken’ though, and still showing them how it’s done when it comes to tearing up downhills around the world, including his latest adventure in South Africa.


He recently visited Western Cape Town for the Hot Heels World Cup and showed a bunch of fellow skaters a clean set of heels with an impressive 2nd place in the Uitsig Outlaw race in Durbanville.

I/O Merino's Crew Member Lee Cation (Left)

I/O Crew Member Lee ‘Unkle’ Cation (Left) wears I/O Merino purple Keystone Tee

And while racing downhill at breakneck speeds is enough to impress the rest of us mere mortals, Lee went one step further while he was there by skate-bungeeing off the world’s largest bridge bungee. Yep, you read correctly – skate-bungee!

I/O Crew Member Lee Cation skate-bungees

I/O Crew Member Lee Cation skate-bungees


That’s 216m, 708ft, 120kms/hr… on a skateboard! With, thankfully, a bungee cord to break his fall. Not something you’d do every day, but then, Lee’s not your every day kind of guy. Which is why we love having him on the I/O Crew so much. Our gear isn’t your ordinary every day kind of clothing, so it’s little wonder it takes people who like to go a little harder, push a little further and jump a little higher to recognize the worth of our premium Merino thermal base layers.

And in case you’re wondering, no, it wasn’t all that cold down in South Africa. Which is a great reminder that while we make our gear for hard core adventures in cold places, with stink-free properties and natural breathability, I/O Merino also happens to be gear to travel in. And, presumably, jump off bridges in!


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