Some adventures are epic, extravagant, meticulously planned and well thought out. And while those adventures are all well and good, sometimes it’s the little, impromptu adventures that keep us going in between the epic ones. So it was for ioCrew member Sputnik when he had the opportunity to relocate a 20 foot 6 berth RV between Victoria and South Australia recently, taking the time to squeeze in a pretty serious little micro adventure.


It all started with a quick hour long flight to Melbourne from ioMerino’s home town Adelaide. From there he picked up the motorhome and headed straight for the hill. The Dandenong Ranges to be precise. Time was always going to be relatively tight, and with so many awesome trails to choose from, he simply picked a random one and went for it.

“The truth is, I didn’t do any research at all on the area. I just knew it was awesome, and figured I’d take pot luck that I’d find a beautiful trail to hike in the few hours I had up my sleeve.” It turns out he quite randomly ended up at the Mt Dandenong Aboretum – an area created to preserve confiders and deciduous trees of environment significance. Eight of these are listed in the National Trust’s significant tree register, and for those of you who haven’t brushed up on their latin, ‘Arboretum’ simply means ‘a place for trees’, and Sputnik certainly found plenty of them there.

Then it was time to head back across town and out of the city, next stop: The Grampians. “I wanted to get an early start the next day, so rather than stay in Melbourne overnight, I made my way to one of the local towns on the edge of the Grampians National Park to camp by the road for the night. This meant I was within an hour of the park itself and could hit the trails and squeeze in as much adventure as possible in a limited amount of time.”

With 167,000 hectares of park, there’s no shortage of places to explore, so Sputnik picked the landmark ‘Pinnacle Trail’ as his starting point. The short but challenging trail gives up some spectacular views along the way and is an awesome snapshot of what the park has to offer. Ideally, you’d spend a number of days or even a week there, but Sputnik was on a mission.

“After The Pinnacle Trail, I wanted to see as many things as I could all in the same day – which unfortunately meant more driving and less hiking than I would have liked. But I managed to check out the Balconies overlooking Victoria Valley, Boroka Lookout on Mt Difficult – which really isn’t that difficult if you drive there! – and MacKenzie Falls. Not bad for a day’s work.”

It turns out he also took the opportunity to show off his ioMerino undies and his “bad 80s tattoos” while he was there (there’s even a picture on the ioMerino Instagram proving it!), but he assures us he was in quite an isolated spot when the photo was taken and there were no other tourists around!

Of course, his ioMerino undies were only part of what he wore on this micro adventure. “The great thing about my ioMerino gear is it’s lightweight and versatile so I can pack half the amount of gear for twice the amount of conditions. I took my socks, undies, two Tshirts, and my Pinnacle mid layer and they got me through everything from the cold mornings to the warm days. I even wore my Pinnacle up to The Pinnacle” he said.

If you need outdoor clothes that go the distance and keep you comfortable for longer in all sort of conditions, our MicroMerino® fabrics are just what you need. Although unlike Sputnik, you may want to wear more than just your undies while you’re out on the trails.

Although it was only a few days on the road, Sputnik’s micro adventure reminds us not all adventures have to be ridiculously long or difficult to be awesome. And if we’re opportunistic enough, there’s almost always a chance to sneak in some outdoor goodness, no matter how short on time or money you might be.

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