Climbing active volcanos and leaping into waterfalls is all in a day’s work for this I/O Crew member.

I/O Crew member Sputnik recently returned from yet another adventure trip – this time to the Indonesian island of Bali and East Java, bagging not one but two active volcanoes along the way.

As usual, he packed his I/O which came in handy for everything from climbing and trekking to jumping into waterfalls! Sputnik is no stranger to our gear, having worn it on many an adventure to date, but he says even he was surprised at how well it performed in the warmer climates. “I literally wore it every day and night for 2 weeks regardless of the temperature. We did two night climbs to bag the volcano peaks by sunrise and for those we layered up to stay warm and the I/O was literally a lifesaver as it was unexpectedly cold” he said.

But as the sun and the temperature rose, it was time to de-layer and Sputnik says at that point he was worried he might overheat with the remaining base layer but it never happened. “I knew about the whole ‘natural breathability and temperature regulation’ features the I/O Merino team have told me about, but I was still a bit nervous that it may be too warm during the day when the temperature rose but it kept me comfortable all day even in full sun.”

The natural breathability wasn’t the only feature that came in handy either. “I jumped into a waterfall wearing it and it dried surprisingly quickly – faster than my running shorts which are supposed to be ‘quick dry’. And yes, it’s true, after two weeks of climbing and trekking the ‘stink-resistance’ came in handy as well, that’s for sure!”

Next stop for Sputnik is Cambodia where he’ll be packing his I/O Merino again and leading a tour group running, cycling, rock climbing and caving their way across The Kingdom of Wonder. You can find out more about Sputnik’s Adventure Tours here.


Sunrise at Mt Bromo in East Java.

A temple at the base of Mt Bromo.

Sputnik hikes down from above the cloud line on Mt Ijen

It’s considered good luck to throw offerings, like these flowers, into Mt Bromo.

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