ioMerino Outsiders

The Outsiders are a hand-selected bunch of outdoor lovers and adventurers who road test and review new our gear and share their adventures and experiences with us. From the rivers and trails to the forest and mountains, they’re out there putting their ioMerino through its paces and telling us what they get up to along the way. If you want to know how our gear performs, don’t take our word for it, just see what they have to say. There’s snowboarders, skiers, trail runners, skateboarders, skydivers and more! Meet our ioMerino Outsiders below, read what they’re all about and subscribe to our monthly newsletter to see the latest stories, special offers and gear tips.


Adam – Bikepacker and Photographer. Australia

“I enjoy exploring mountains and forests by bike, and using the opportunities along the way to practice my landscape and nature photography”


Andrew – Medical Doctor & Adventure Photographer. Australia.

“As an outdoor adventure photographer, I need to stay fit to keep up with the demands of my job. I swim, paddle and mountain bike when I’m home in South East Queensland but spend a lot of time hiking and rock climbing when on the road in places like the US.”


Bee  – Professional Skydiver & BASE Jumper. USA.

“Bee was exposed to the skydiving world at the young age of eight by the footsteps set by her godfather and paved over by her mother, she too is leaving her footprint on this kindred path. Her passion for the sky has driven her to make over 4,500+ skydives and 600+ BASE jumps.When Bee decided to take the next step from skydiving into the intense beauty of BASE jumping five years ago, she didn’t just step… she LEAPED!”


Ben – Adventure Racer, Cyclist, Climber, Photographer. Australia

“I’m a mountain biker, climber, kayaker, trail runner and adventure racer with slightly masochistic tendencies and a craving for epic outings. When I’m not putting my ioMerino gear through the wringer in a 5-day endurance event, you’ll find me with a camera in hand, capturing the beauty of remote wilderness locations and the raw humanity of adventurers pitted against the elements.”


Chantel – Ultra Runner. Australia

“At age 40 I took up running and have a passion for running marathons. I spend every spare moment outdoors training or with my beloved dog Rhino. He’s a passionate trail runner.”


Chris – Extreme Kayaker. USA.

“Chris Baer is a professional kayaker chasing his dream – big waterfalls, unexplored canyons, gorgeous landscapes and a cold beer at the take out. These dreams have taken Chris to almost every state, across the globe, and even to the hospital. In recent years his adventures have turned into a multimedia circus: bringing camera gear into locations that are impossible to access, unless you can kayak class 5 rapids.”


Emma – Trail Runners. Australia

“I like to consider myself a bit of a nomad . I have the perfect amount of routine and gypsiness. I take every opportunity to get out and explore new places. I like to road trip in my swag and just recently purchased myself a sick Nissan Urvan. I’ve been running for 5 years, I started on road marathons and transitioned to trail ultramarathons. Training for ultramarathons are way more exciting, you HAVE to be out in nature running the hills and scuffing up the dirt. This is why I prefer trail running, it never really feels like strict training, it’s always fun.The harder and more technical races the better,.I like the idea of races that I might not be able to finish.”


Glorija and Giacomo – The Altripiani Team – Adventure Travellers and Mountaineers. Italy.

“We are Giacomo and Glorija from Venice – Italy and together we are the Altripiani Team. Altripiani is a photography, mountaineering, cultural, anthropological and linguistic research project looking to create new intersections and alternative paths. We love to travel along mountain ranges meeting isolated mountain communities, considering their stories, learning about their culture and traditions.”


Griffen – Adventure Traveller and Adventurer. USA

“My name is Griffen, living in the wilderness gateway of Missoula, Montana. With access to the rugged mountains, I try and push myself in alpine rock climbing, slacklining and highlining, and have been learning to ice climb recently. During my downtime, I like to train by doing yoga and acro-yoga to help with strength and flexibility. ”


Hailey – Trail Runner, ER nurse and Adventurer. USA

“I am an outsider because you can find my happiest when I am outside. I don’t like to limit myself to one sport, which is why I am proud to be a multi-sport athlete. Whether it is running, climbing, mountaineering, kayaking or biking… you will find me somewhere in nature, with a huge smile on my face. I have some huge goals this year that I am really excited about and I really looking forward to seeing how far I can push my limits!”


Heidi – Trail Runner and Adventurer. USA

“I’m is a mountain girl at heart, although I grew up as a farm girl in the Midwest. I currently live in the Colorado Rockies where I chase happy along the trails, usually in trail running shoes. As an emergency medical technician, I work the snowy winters at a ski resort ER and spends the summers exploring the world living out of a backpack and sometimes a van.”


Holin – Trail Runner. USA

“Don’t over think it. Don’t make it complicated… just keep putting one foot in front of the other, over and over and over again. That’s how to mountain run. Hi. My name is Holin and I live and play in the mountains of Northern Utah.”


Irwin – Adventuring Rescue Dog. USA

“Irwin loves to go on any and all adventures! He loves camping, hiking, digging, frolicking in the snow, chasing anything, road trips and overall exploring the world!
He is the perfect companion, full of energy and love, and makes every new adventure a more exciting one! Oh, and he’s a rescue pup, which is the best kind of Dog!”


Jens – Outdoor Guide, Fisherman, Kayaker and skier. Denmark.

“My name is Jens, I’m 28 years old and from Denmark. When I go outside, I love to either kayak, hike or take photos. I also like to smile and fish. And my favourite adventure is an adventure with other people.”


Jess – Trail Runner. Australia

“Jess found trail running twelve months ago and is hooked. While he gets out on the trails a few times a week, he also has a passion for sharing the diverse Australian landscape with his wife and two daughters. His girls might not be natural adventurers, but they certainly are warming to it.”


Jodie – Trail runner, Cyclist and Adventurer. Australia.

“I am a very keen traveller and am particularly attracted to the wild places of the world. I have been to many different areas of the world ranging from the Sahara Desert to Antarctica. I am also a keen trail runner, mountain biker, hiker and general outdoors lover.”


Joe – Adventurer, #YurtLife. USA

“I love the Colorado mountains and enjoy spending my time skiing, whitewater standup paddle boarding (SUP), river surfing, hiking, camping and spending time in the backcountry at my yurt at 11,800ft above sea level. ”


Karina – Ultrarunner. Australia.

“I love the freedom of trail running and training for an ultra event, it gets me motivated to venture out and explore my own backyard! I also love spending time at the beach with my whippets and drinking coffee! Mostly I run for the coffee…”


Kat – Trail Runner, Snowboard and Personal Trainer. Australia

“I’m nearing 40. feel about 30 and just love being active out and about!
My favourite has to be snowboarding and am always looking for the next adventure to book somewhere, and also running trails.
I am a personal trainer so the importance of strength training is something I love and teach and will balance that in my week.
I have 2 fur babies, A cat Oliver and Chloe dog who comes trailing when and where its possible. ”


Kim- Alpine Ski Coach and Mountain Lover. USA.

“Kim has skied on all 7 continents, with 1st descents on 4, and adventured in over 50 countries. As a guide, athlete, and mother, she enjoys the outdoors on many levels and at different paces whether skiing, climbing, camping, running or riding etc. Kim has climbed and skied big peaks in the Himalaya and the Karakorum, the Arctic and the Antarctic, as well as the highest mountains across the Americas. ”


Kyle – Adventurer. Australia

“Australian adventurer Kyle Williams is a true ioMerino Outsider. Whether setting ultra-endurance records running and hiking across Australia’s mainland mountains or leading corporate adventure tours on some of the toughest trails across the world, he lives and breathes adventure outside of the norm and outside of the limits.”


Lee – Veteran Downhill Skateboard and Longboarder. Canada.

“As the Founder and Director of two events in British Columbia, the Britannia Classic and the Whistler Longboard Festival, Lee pushes professionalism and passion in this burgeoning sport by working with the International Downhill Federation (IDF) World Cup Tour as he travels the world as a race participant and facilitator.”


Lisa – Adventurer. Australia



Marnie – Trail Runner. USA

“My name is Marnie Melaney, I love to be outside I love trail running the most,  but I also love running marathons, mountain biking, snow skiing, paddle boarding, camping, four wheeling. I am pretty much up for anything active especially when it includes a big beautiful mountain. I am a group fitness instructor at golds gym as well. I really feel like our bodies are made to move and be used as much as possible. ”


Paul – Long Distance Hiking, Adventure Travel. UK

“Travel and Hiking are my two big passions, I’ve visited 42 countries and all 7 continents. In 2015 I completed a Thru-Hike of the Appalachian Trail and In 2017 I finished the 2700 mile Continental Divide Trail. I manage and a Youtube Channel where I talk about Long Distance Hiking, Adventurous Travel and Gear Reviews.”


Pietro – Adventurer. Italy.

“Born and raised in rural areas, the outside world is my true comfort zone. Hiking with friends or in solitude, taking photos and enjoying good or bad weather is what makes every big and small adventure unique. My dream?
Giving birth to my own residential summer camp and allowing kids from all over the world to experience nature!”


Ryan – Adventurer. Italy.

“As a competitive athlete and outdoor enthusiast, Ryan is consistently pursuing new challenges in the outdoor arena. From bagging peaks in California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains to snowshoe treks through the winter backcountry; from paddle boarding Alpine Lakes to chasing down his three kidlets on the trail, Ryan believes in leading an active lifestyle that both challenges and rewards the individual.”


Sabina – Avid Climber, Adventurer & Outdoor Lover. Australia.

“As an ex-ballerina closeted in the indoor world for so many years I now love all sorts of outdoor activities at home in SE Queensland, I run, bike, swim or paddle every morning and I also love heading off on rock climbing road trips to destinations around the world. ”


Sally – Rogainer. Australia.



Sam – Landscape and Travel photographer, Outdoor Lover. Australia.



Sarah C – Trail runner. Australia.

“When I am not trying to make my dog @gspnico famous on Instagram, you can find us outdoors learning our new sport, canicross (trail running with puppers – is there anything better?!).
I am an “enthusiastic” runner (meaning really slow, but enjoying myself), and Trails are my favourite. I find being out in the bush balances my soul.”


Sarah M – Ultra Runner. Australia.

“I’m a trail runner and lover of the great outdoors.  Having grown up in country SA at the foot of the Flinders Ranges, I’ve been hiking, trail running and rogaining since before it was cool, and definitely before I was actually fit enough to do so comfortably.  I normally call myself an ultra-runner, although, after a tough 18 months of injuries, there’s been less ultra-running, and more just running as far as my legs will take me. I like to combine my passion for running and travel and love a good road trip when there’s a run on the end of it.  I’m hoping there are many more adventures to come and to share this year!”


Sheralyn – Crazy Mother Runner – Trail runner. USA



Sputnik – Trail Runner, Adventure Tour Operator & Author. Australia.



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