Freeride Skier. USA.

Mark is a freeride skier and executive producer at Soulryders Productions. Currently he is enjoying working in film & photography. Mark’s goal is to continue skiing as long as his body lets him, and in as many places throughout the world as possible. After that you can find Mark behind the lens. Mark’s biggest thrill? The thrill of sending off a huge cliff. He’s addicted to it.

Favourite ioGear: 

Pilot Suit. 

“My winter go to for just about everything. I LIVE in my pilot suit! Whether I’m watching movies in a cabin, or on top of a glacier this is easily my favorite product ioMerino makes”.

Vital Ribbed Longsleeve. 

“Perfect for alpine touring and skiing in bounds. If it gets too warm, I can shed my jacket and have natural UV protection with this bad boy on”.

Zodiac Boxer. 

“Excellent for the summer & winter, the microfiber guarantees a comfortable fit for outdoor activities and chilling”.

Keep up with Mark’s adventures on his Facebook and Instagram. Here’s a little sneak-peak:

[instagram-feed id=”337958413″]

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