Ultra runner and author of ‘The Breath of Ghosts’ Steve Brydon is no ordinary adventurer. His book is all about how he went from the sofa to the Sahara in a single year, completing one of the most demanding endurance events on the planet – a six day, 156 mile race through the Sahara desert!

Since then, he’s not only continued his own personal odyssey, but gone on to create the Odyssey 4 Autism brand and used his various adventures to promote awareness and raise funds for charitable organisations supporting care for exceptional kids.

Last year he ran a 250km ultra through Madagascar – something he freely admits is “not something a younger Steve ever imagined doing”. And yet he went out and ran through 250kms of rice paddies, sandy beaches and the vast savannah of he world’s fourth largest island. And he has the medal, and sore feet to prove it.

More recently, in December he hung up his trusty trail shoes and enjoyed a slightly more sedate adventure to South Africa. This time around there was much less running involved and he instead opted for a much more leisurely pace including floating down the Chobe River, cruising in Namibia and Botswana on board the Zambezi Queen.

Steve says he spent “three days of game drives, river safaris and meeting wonderful new friends” before heading to Stollenbosch to ring in the new year. There were aplenty of photo opportunities along the way, taking in some of wildlife South Africa is famous for including lions, hippos, giraffes and… a tiger. A tiger FISH, that is. As an enthusiastic fisherman, Steve managed to land one of the ferocious looking fish on a quick fishing trip along the way as well. When it comes to squeezing a whole lot of living and adventure into a year, Steve certainly sets a cracking pace.

Wilidflife aside, what did Steve wear while he was there? His I/O Merino of course. “My I/O T-shirt was awesome for the early morning coolness and again for the afternoon heat and into the evening game drives. It was uber comfortable” he said. “Uber” comfortable? Great to see another happy adventurer enjoying our handiwork out there in all sorts of weather conditions.

Steve Brydon wearing his ‘uber comfortable’ I/O Merino T-shirt

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