Introducing what’s arguably one of the world’s softest and most comfortable polo shirts – The Condor Polo Shirt. This top may look like any ordinary polo, but it’s made with super fine, premium Australian Merino wool and offers an unrivaled  level of comfort.

When it comes to base layers, everyone knows ours are some of the finest, warmest, most comfortable Merino base layers on Earth. So when it came to producing a polo top, naturally we applied exactly the same fabric and design expertise to make it equally as awesome.

The truth is, for a more casual garment like this, we could have compromised and made it out of ordinary Merino. But we didn’t. Nope, we used the exact same flagship ‘Enigma’ MicroMerino® fabric used in our Altitude base layer range so it was every bit as comfortable as you’ve come to expect. With a collar. Oh, and all the wonderful benefits our MicroMerino® fabrics are famous for. You’ll get exactly the same natural breathability, temperature regulation, moisture wicking and odor-resistance, all in a smart looking polo that’ll look and feel right at home while you’re travelling, playing golf, trekking or doing anything else you might usually do in a regular polo. Except in this one, you’ll also be thinking to yourself, ‘Wow, this sure is comfortable’ while you’re doing it.

If we’re being really honest, we didn’t actually plan to produce a polo top, it sort of happened by happy accident. We’d been chatting with the folks at the World Wildlife Fund about creating a polo especially for them, and once we’d made it, we didn’t want their team to be the only ones benefiting from all that comfort so we produced an extra batch for you guys as well. If you’d like to see what all the fuss is about, simply head on over to our online store and select from a huge range of colors, including black, black and black.

OK, yes, the reality is you can have any color you want, as long as it’s black. There’s coal black, midnight black, tunnel black and ‘my eyes are shut’ black. There are plans to make some extra colors down the track, but for now, we’ve made choosing the color that’s just right for you easy.

If you’re looking for a premium performance polo that’ll really go the distance, look no further, the Condor has landed.

Shop The Condor Polo Shirt Now. 

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