Most people go through life thinking T-shirts are just T-shirts – that they’re all pretty much the same. They choose a colour and design they like and off they go. Maybe there’s stripes or a swoosh or some other fancy picture on there, but really it’s just a T-shirt. But I’m here to tell you there’s regular T-shirts, and then there’s the ioMerino Universal Tee (men’s and women’s) which might just be the greatest travel and adventure T-shirt ever made.
By ioMerino Outsider, Sputnik.

And here’s why:

1. It goes the distance.

This is the T-shirt I wear to, from and during all my adventures. Without exception. I wear it on long haul flights because it’s warm when the plane is cold, keeps me cool when it warms up, and doesn’t stink. 20+ hours on planes and airports? No problems at all in this T-shirt. Air conditioning is up stupidly high on the plane? Not an issue. Land somewhere warm? Still not an issue. If you’re not wearing one of these when you travel, you’re seriously missing out. And probably colder, hotter and smelling way worse than you need to. (As an aside I also recently caught up with a firefighter who told me he ONLY wears Merino on plane trips, because he’s seen what heat does to synthetics and if there’s an incident, he wants to be wearing Merino for its fire-retarding qualities, rather than highly flammable synthetics!). Get yours here.

2. Pack lighter.

When you can pack stuff that is suitable for a wide range of conditions, you can pack less. Forget packing one T-shirt for cold and one for warm. Or one to hike in and one for dinner afterwards. These T-shirts are the ultimate all rounders. They’ll get you through such a wide range of weather conditions it’s not even funny. They absolutely let you do more with less.

OK, I’m ready, just show me the Tshirts already.

3. Be ready for anything.

Speaking of doing more with less, ever gone out early when it’s cold only to have it warm up later? Or the opposite, and gone out while it’s warm only to have the temperature drop when the sun goes down? This is the T-shirt for you. It’s ready for anything and will get you through such a wide range of temperatures it’s like a little insurance policy. A T-shirt alone won’t get you through a freak snowstorm, but it’ll keep you comfy through a wider range of temperatures where cotton will be downright dangerous. There’s a reason search and rescue teams call it ‘Killer Cotton’. And why a T-shirt like the Universal is a real lifesaver. Sometimes literally.

Team ioMerino’ at the Ultra Trail Australia 50K

4. Be ready for not just anything, but everything.

Run in it. Hike in it. Ride in it. Ski in it. Go to dinner in it. Do everything in it. I’ve even jumped into a waterfall and out of a plane in one of them. I wear T-shirt #1 during the day. Wear T-shirt #2 in the evening while T-shirt #1 dries and airs. Then they’re both good to go again the next day. Rotate them if you want. Neither of them will stink. But literally just two T-shirts will get you through just about everything you need to do for days, maybe even weeks on end.

Check ’em out here.

5. Conversation starter.

Wearing a T-shirt like this is actually a great conversation starter. Let it slip that your T-shirt is made out of wool, and check out their reaction. Some people know how awesome Merino is and won’t be taken by surprise, but will chat to you anyway cause it means you’re both cut from the same (Merino) cloth. So to speak. You’re in the club. In the know. And everyone else? Well, they’ll marvel at how your T-shirt doesn’t look or feel like wool at all. It’s pretty cool. Or warm, depending on the weather.

Let’s see these Tshirts you’re talking about then eh?


6. Save the world.

Something I’ve been guilty of in my time is loving nature, but not treating it particularly well. And, of course, there’s still heaps of things I buy that are plastic, but these days my clothes are rarely one of them. OK, sure, if I need waterproofs, there’s gonna be some plastic in there, but other than that I want a high performance natural fibre whenever I can. Not ‘killer cotton’, but something natural that’s going to keep me comfortable out in nature. And when I’m done with it, it won’t take 50 billion years to break down. Where else do you think your old synthetic Ts go, right? With all the other plastic landfill. And that’s not great for the planet. This T-shirt is made from an all natural fibre that’ll break down when you’re done with it, and go back to where it came from. Now doesn’t that feel nice?

7. Welcome to Australia.

If you’re an Aussie, chances are you quite like buying Australian products. There aren’t that many of them left these days, so it’s a nice change when you can buy something made from genuine Australian Merino wool made by a genuine Australian company. ioMerino is run by the fifth and sixth generation of one of Australia’s most famous wool families, so it doesn’t get much more Australianer than that. For the rest of you, well, you get to wear an authentic piece of Australia. Maybe you’ve been here, maybe not, either way you get your own little piece of Australia which is pretty awesome.

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The Universal Tee is a new season update of our Keystone Tee. Same fit, same features, new improved fabric making it even better and more durable than before.

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