We always put a lot of love, care  and attention to detail into every single product we make. We put an enormous amount of time into developing our own fabrics made from nothing but the finest Australian wool. And a whole lot of blood, sweat and tears into designing clothes that people who are into the outdoors, won’t just like, but love. So when we hear stories from people like ioMerino Outsider Sputnik about how much he loved our new Hoodie, we just had to share it with you.

Sputnik recently decided he wanted to swim with whale sharks. There’s only a few places in the world you can do that, one of them being Ningaloo Reef on the Western Australian coast – about 5,000kms from his home town of Adelaide, South Australia. He’s not one to let a few thousand kilometres come between him and his dreams, so he packed his tent, his cameras, his kayak, mountain bike and a bunch of ioMerino layers – including the new Summit Hoodie – and drove off into the sunset. Literally.

As the old saying goes, life is about the journey and not the destination, and he certainly turned his journey into quite an adventure, exploring caves, watching migrating whales swim past, exploring all sorts of trails, rock formations and gorges, and even doing an adventure race along the way. And what did he wear every single day? The Summit Hoodie.

He may not have worn it literally all day, every day, but in the cold mornings, in the car, the freezing cold desert evenings and even overnight sleeping in his tent to stay extra warm when the temperature dropped below zero, the hoodie was his go to item.

“I thought the old Summit Hoodie was comfy, but this new one is completely and utterly epic” he said. “The new fabric, the new fit, the new colours and designs – just brilliant. I’ve worn and field tested a lot of ioMerino over the past few years, but this top has quickly become my all time favourite. I may need to get a different colour to the charcoal one I have as it’s actually starting to get a bit embarrassing that I wear it pretty much every day!” he laughed.

Lucky for him, it comes in zip and pullover styles, and a few different colours. Lucky for everyone else it’s as breathable and naturally stink proof as all our other layers. If you’re looking for your new favourite hoodie, be sure to check them out.

You can follow Sputnik’s adventures on Facebook and Instagram.

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