This month’s review comes courtesy of Luke at The Outdoor Gear Review. He originally set up his review site for people who love nature, hiking, backpacking and adventure, so it makes perfect sense he’d be keen to see if our premium thermal base layers are as good as we say they are.

Luke from Outdoor Gear Review wears I/O Merino Altitude Zip Base Layer

He’s put more gear than you can shake a stick at through their paces over the past few years, so we knew we were up against it to perform. He reviewed our flagship Altitude long sleeve zip top, and we’re happy (and relieved!) to say it passed with flying colours!

According to Luke the Altitude is a cut above the rest. “I have a lot of Merino products” he said, “and they’re not all created equal. This is definitely some of the finest work I’ve seen. The quality and the craftsmanship is much better than your average Merino wool base layer.”

And don’t think he wore it around for just a few hours or even days either. Luke takes his reviews seriously and wore the Altitude 40 or 50 times over a six month period! So he plenty of time to appreciate all there extra effort and detail that goes into making one of the world’s most comfortable base layers.

“I really like the stitching. With base layers, if the stitches are very large, they can rub and chafe. With these you don’t even notice you’re wearing it.”

Outdoor Gear Review Guy Luke discusses the flat lock stitching on the I/O Merino Altitude Zip Base Layer

It’s nice to know he appreciated the flat lock seams we use to make this garment. Sewing seams like this is way more difficult and time consuming than regular stitching, but it’s also way more comfortable for the person wearing it. It’s just one of the many things we do differently to make sure our garments are better than the rest. Like giving it a little extra length as well. Another thing Luke was impressed with: “I like the fact it’s very long. When I’m hiking around and moving around it doesn’t untucked.”

It may sound like a small detail, but when you’re out in the cold, the last thing you want is to come untucked and let body heat escape and the cold to come in.

In summary, Luke says “I’ve worn it in very warm conditions and very cold conditions. It is very, very comfortable – it doe snot itch and it does not scratch. It keeps in just the right amount of heat. This is one strong base layer. I have used it countless times and it still looks brand new.”

Thanks Luke, we’re glad you liked it.

Check out his whole review here;

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