Suzannah has been a big fan of Merino since the day she was born. Literally. Through Michell Wool, her family has been involved in the wool industry for generations and her father, David Michell, is the I/O Merino Big Kahuna. So it’s probably no surprise she’s also a big fan of Merino clothing and all its natural benefits. But on her recent trip to Northern India, she discovered new benefits and fell even further in love with our superfine Australian MicroMerino® clothing, and in particular the new Midweight Chaser Leggings.

As part of her final year of university, Suzannah travelled to Northern India for a four week physiotherapy placement. But of course, couldn’t resist all the beauty and adventure India offers so spent her weekends and a further week after placement taking in the Indian culture by visiting places such as the Taj Mahal, the Golden Temple, and the Pakistan border.

Back home, Suzannah is part of the South Australian Rowing Club so enjoys staying fit and active. While Australia gets hot, temperatures soar to 45C degrees at the beginning of the Indian wet season, so exercising was difficult. On this trip, she would wake up around 6.15am every morning to work out on the student accommodation roof top. As you can imagine, between exercise and extreme heat, there was sweat. Lots of sweat. Suzannah explains there were also constant power outages and in some cases she went without power for days, so washing her clothes wasn’t always an easy chore.

She was incredibly grateful she packed a suitcase full of I/O as it was odor-resistant and naturally wicked moisture away from her skin. “This stuff is so much better than polyester,” she says. “I was actually surprised by some of the performance like odor-resistance, breathability and moisture wicking. It’s not something you pay much attention to until you really have to. I would’ve been one hot smelly mess if I wasn’t wearing I/O that’s for sure”.

But she explains it was the Midweight Chaser Leggings she was so impressed with. She says, “I was initially worried they were going to be too thick, but they were perfect – I worked out in them, slept in them and wore them to placement. The thickness is awesome because I was able to wear them on their own, and they’re super breathable. I literally lived in my Chaser Leggings during this trip”.

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While she was familiar with the long list of Merino benefits before leaving Australia, she returns home knowing yet another benefit. As part of the Indian culture, women are required to cover their shoulders and knees when out in public, which for Suzannah meant no singlets or shorts. She says she wore her Striped Zone Tees as they covered her shoulders but were still incredibly light and offered all the natural breathability, temperature regulation, moisture wicking and odor-resistance. She says, “The Zone Tee was perfect as it’s so soft, comfy and light. The loose fit was also great as you really don’t want something clinging to you when it’s so hot”.

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Suzannah had always wanted to visit the Himalayas and while there wasn’t enough time during this trip, she managed to visit the nearby foothills for a weekend of camping and trekking. She had to carry all food, clothing and equipment on her back for the entire weekend so packing gear that was light and warm was super important. “It became cold very quickly so I was so happy I packed my Altitude Zip Base Layer, Chaser Leggings and Vital Long Sleeve to warm me up,” she says. “I was actually worried I hadn’t packed enough as everyone else had hoodies and tracksuit pants, but that’s the good thing about Merino – thin layers will still keep you warm. I actually became hot in the middle of the night, which isn’t something you’d expect when you’re sleeping in a tent on top of a mountain”.

Despite the crazy hot weather, Suzannah says she will miss India and already has plans to go back. And we’re pretty sure she’ll taking I/O with her again.

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