If you’re the kind of person who loves the outdoors, (let’s face it, if you’re reading this now, we’re guessing you probably are!), you’re going to love the Lifeproof phone case. If ever there was a product name that told the story, it’s this, because this thing really is ‘life proof’. Not just water proof, dirt proof, snow proof and shock proof, but ready for just about anything you can throw at it. Or more to the point, anything you can throw your phone at! Or in!


Lifeproof’s mission is to ‘change the way you live, work and play with your mobile electronics” and to “deliver the freedom to live however, whenever and wherever your life takes you”. And you know what? Their cases do just that.



We know phone companies put an awful lot of effort into making their phones look awesome, and cases can potentially ruin some of those sleek lines and sexy finishes, but if you value keeping your phone in working order through all sorts of conditions, look no further. We had I/O Crew Sputnik member use one of these with his iPhone 6 on a recent month-long adventure and it survived rain, lightning storms, abseiling in a hail storm, litres of marathon-induced perspiration, kayaking on the Colorado and a fairly spectacular Mountain Bike crash in Moab.

To be fair, he’s managed to ‘scuff’ the screen, but it’s the case’s screen that’s copped the battering, and the phone itself is still in pristine condition and still works exactly as it’s supposed to – so mission accomplished.

“For me, it’s not just about protection” Sputnik said after his trip. “It’s about the freedom and peace of mind knowing you don’t have to think about when you can and can’t take your phone with you. Or worrying about what will happen if you do. I just took it everywhere and did everything I wanted to without giving it a second thought. It was pretty epic.”

The case can be fairly fiddly to put on, with a slightly tricky rubber seal that needs to be inserted properly for the waterproofing to work effectively. Other than that, it’s all incredibly straight forward. And once the case is on it’s basically business as usual, with just a few notable exceptions. (These apply to the iPhone6 cover we tested).

Firstly, your headphone jack will now have a screw in cover which is a bit tricky to screw on and off so you won’t want to be doing that every five minutes. There is also a snap shut cover over the power connection socket, which is easy enough to use but means some after market chargers won’t fit through the hole they’ve left available. Apple connecters work just fine though. (The same is true of some audio connecters into the headphone socket although again, Apples headphones fit perfectly. In our case, a short, screw in audio adaptor was very helpfully supplied to solve that problem!) There’s also the matter of the weirdly inverted ‘mute’ switch which will now work in the opposite direction. But hey, that’s no biggy.

Call quality and picture quality are all excellent though, and the touch screen works exactly as if there was no case at all.

When it comes to quality, the folks at Lifeproof obviously come from the same OCD school we do. Literally every single case gets water tested and they are made to Military Standard 810G-516.6 – which is the fancy way of saying it will withstand “the drops, fumbles, vibrations and bumps you encounter day to day”.

So overall, we have to say we’re massive fans of the Lifeproof cases here at I/O Merino. In fact, they pretty much do for your phone, what I/O Merino does for your body – protection from the elements in all sorts of conditions! And if, like us, you like adventures that never end, it’s worth checking out their new range of range of FRE Power cases which will refuel your phone for 2x battery life! There’s slightly more bulk, as you’d expect, but this case is “waterproof, drop proof and battery-equipped to brave the wilds and reenergise your device to extend the adventure”. Extended adventures? Yes please!

Here’s a video I/O Crew member Sputnik made with his thoughts on the product.

We did not receive a free product or any incentive to review this product. We reviewed it purely for your benefit in the interest of everyone enjoying the outdoors and their adventures more.

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