We’re fortunate enough to get some great reviews coming in from all over the world, and this latest one comes courtesy of Kim Dallas at the Outdoor Women’s Alliance – a nonprofit organization that aims to encourage, educate and engage females in adventure sports. Their website covers everything from the best mountain climbs to why outdoor women should appreciate thunder thighs, and their team of ambassadors often review adventure gear. We’re happy to report our MicroMerino® Altitude Crew Neck ‘Mongrel’ Base Layer (men’s and women’s) well and truly lived up to their standards.

When it comes to base layers, Kim knows warmth, moisture control and comfort are equally important. And she was glad she didn’t have to compromise with ours.

She says, “I’m a big fan of a good base layer. I gave this shirt a good run over the past few weeks and after all the testing I put it through, I’m now a big fan of I/O Merino”.

Kim spends her weekends hiking, mountain biking, climbing, running and just about anything else she can think of that involves exploring, so she understands the importance of performance in a base layer. She explains she wore the Altitude ‘Mongrel’ as part of a layering system in cold conditions and on its own in milder temperatures.

“It’s perfect as a base layer to pair with heavier layers but it’s also great on its own for not-so-cold-days”.

While wool often triggers feelings of thick, itchy school jumpers, our MicroMerino® fabrics are at the complete opposite end of the spectrum. It’s superfine, soft and some studies even argue that it’s non-allergenic (we haven’t been able to prove that one yet ourselves but we’ll take their word for it). Kim even wore the Altitude ‘Mongrel’ relaxing around her apartment after a day of adventure, which according to her was “a real testament to its comfort”.

We made this top with our flagship MicroMerino® fabric ‘Enigma’ to ensure it offers just as much performance as it does warmth and comfort.  Lucky for us, Kim was sold.

“One of the first things I noticed was how comfy it is. Rather than using ‘off the shelf’ fabrics, the company opted to develop its own range of unique MicroMerino® fabrics using Australian Merino wool. This wool is what makes the base layer so soft and breathable, yet so warm. The fabric also helped keep odors at bay, even after multiple wears”.

She was also super impressed with the thumb-loops that are featured in all of our Altitude Long Sleeve tops to help prevent the sleeves from bunching up when part of a layering system.

“A surprise to me were the thumbholes, since my other base layers skip this detail. Thumbholes are great for when you are layering something on top of it and while running to not only keep the sleeves in place, but also to help provide an extra bit of warmth for your hands since by using the thumbholes the ends of the sleeves essentially become a fingerless glove”.

Thanks for the review Kim. We’re so glad you love it.

Read the full review now. 
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