For Australian Adventurer Kyle Williams, the Australian Alps are like his second home. Kyle has been exploring the Snowy Mountains for over 10 years, having led over 50 solo and corporate expeditions across Australia’s highest mountain range. So to celebrate the end of the Australian winter snow season, Kyle headed back to the Snowy Mountains to survey the conditions and prepare for a busy season of personal and corporate adventure. Due to the heavy snow cover, Kyle substituted his usual mountain running for snow shoeing! Yes, imagine the ‘old-school’ tennis rackets strapped to the bottom of your feet, only made of carbon fibre these days! Adventuring in Australia’s toughest weather conditions calls for the toughest and most versatile gear and, as always, Kyle always relies on his ioMerino.

This time around, Kyle tested out one of our newest and most exciting products, The Zone Raglan! Here’s what he has to say:

“If you’re looking for one ‘perfect’ Merino clothing all-rounder, look no further than the new ioMerino Zone Raglan. Boasting a great stylish cut and look, along with a ‘perfect’ fit that’s not too tight or loose, the MicroMerino® fabric will breathe to keep you warm or cool as the conditions require.

I tested the Raglan during a recent trip to the Australian Alps. It worked seamlessly whilst transitioning between a sunny warm Melbourne, Australia day of 25 degrees and the mild single digit temperatures of the windy Snowy Mountains region.

I have now tested nearly every piece of ioMerino clothing and I confidently say the Zone Raglan is my favourite!

In short, the Zone Raglan is the perfect casual lightweight merino top for all seasons and all conditions”.

If you’d like to check out the Zone Raglan, then click here, and if you’d like to follow Kyle’s upcoming adventures, then you can do so at his Facebook and Instagram.

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