We’re more than happy to tell you how good we are. In fact, we could do it til the cows, or sheep, come home. But at the end of the day, we know talk is cheap, and we have to prove we’re as good as we say we are. Which is why it puts a big, fat smile on our face when expert reviewers happen to agree with us.

We’ve had a few people review our gear lately, and thankfully, they’ve all been pretty impressed with the quality, feel and performance of our premium Merino thermal base layers.


For example, the team at Gumption Gear said:

“To a person, each of our team members raved about the next to skin comfort offered by I/O Merino. Form fit lies right on your skin so there isn’t any extra bulk to get in the way of your adventure, and the buttery soft merino offers an uncanny ability to keep you comfortable in a range of conditions whether you wear it alone or layered under other garments.”

“Buttery soft”? Not exactly how we describe it, but you get the idea. And their bottom line? “Rough, tough and ready to rumble, the I/O Merino Altitude series is a worthy addition to your base layer repertoire.” If you’d like to know what else they had to say, you can read the rest of their review right here.

Images supplied by Gumption Gear



And they weren’t the only ones who had nice things to say. Adventure lover Landon Faulkner from Northern California said “I/O Merino has actually made the best better”. High praise indeed. And we’re not going to pretend for a second we don’t do a little happy dance when people say such nice things about the clothes we make.

Landon Faulkner reviews I/O Merino

Landon Faulkner reviews I/O Merino

Images supplied by Landon Faulkner


Landon was more than happy to put all our MicroMerino® promises to the test too. “What does all this MicroMerino® talk mean though? Well let me give you the run down after my experience wearing I/O Merino product. I have worn and tried countless base layers from the low end to the high end. I have nearly frozen and stayed toasty in varying situations wearing various products from companies like Patagonia, Marmot, Terramar and the likes. Those are some quality brands who produce some very quality products, but in my experience I/O Merino has developed a product that has the edge over most. The Feel of I/O Merino is hard to beat.”

See what else he had to say in the full review here.

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