Planning an action packed trip to the snowfields?
We got our Outsiders to sit still long enough to tell us all about their ioMerino must haves for the snow. Keep in mind, there’s a champion snowboarder and a couple of Winter Olympian skiers in there, so it’s fair to say their advice is probably worth listening to.

You may be a pro or… slightly less so, but either way when you’re out there on the slopes or in the backcountry, you’ll want to be wearing something that’s as comfortable as it is warm. With ioMerino it’s all about performance layering to keep you comfortable in just about any conditions.

Even Winter Olympian Emily Bamford was surprised when she first tried ioMerino layers. “When I discovered ioMerino I’d wear the same amount of layers as before and be sweating so I started to realize layers can be thin and still be very warm.” Exactly.

Thin. Lightweight. Comfortable. And warm. Here’s some gear you may want to add to your wardrobe before you hit the slopes.


If you’re heading for the slopes, it all starts with sock and undies. Our Multi Sports Socks are going to keep your feet nice and warm underneath your boots, without making them all hot and sweaty when you’re on the go. You can thank the beautiful, soft, superfine Merino for that.  These socks are super comfortable straight out of the pack, with no wearing in required, and they’re seam-free, chafe-free and padded in all the right places.


We love keeping you warm here at ioMerino and there’s not many things worse in the world than being cold ‘down stairs’ if you know what we mean. Sadly, it’s the one thing people so often forget to put a little bit of effort into, and they end up compromising their entire layering system in an area that matters most! Our MicroMerino® Altitude Boxers for men and Zodiac Briefs for women are the foundation of your cold weather wardrobe. There’s no need to let ordinary undies compromise your comfort when our super comfy underwear will do the job perfectly. Be sure to choose the red ones if you want to go faster.

Altitude Full Length and 3/4 Tights

Your legs are going to be doing a lot of hard work, so you may as well be nice to them. Put them in a pair of our Altitude leggings and they’re going to love you for it. The ¾ tights are designed specifically for people wearing boots so there’s no uncomfortable gathering. With the natural breathability of our unique MicroMerino® fabrics, these will keep you toasty warm, but keep you from overheating when you’re in action. They’re also available in full length if you’re a full length kind of person and no matter which length you choose, they’ll keep your legs and your rear-end nice and warm. Even when you’re sitting on a freezing cold chairlift. Or if you happen to end up a little damp after taking a tumble. Let’s be honest, we’ve all been there.

 Chaser Mid Weight Leggings

If you’re looking for an extra level of warmth, or are looking for opaque leggings that can be worn on their own, the Chaser Mid Weight Leggings are for you. They’re almost double the thickness of our Altitude leggings and are incredibly warm and comfortable, but still naturally breathable and allow for plenty of movement. There’s a full length version for men, and full length or 7/8 for women.

Vital Long Sleeve

Your foundation next to skin layer is the Vital Long Sleeve top. It’s made from 100% Merino and has a nice, natural two-way stretch, allowing for lots of movement. And falling down mountains! (No judgement.) The ribbed MicroMerino® fabric is unique to ioMerino and traps tiny pockets of air between it and your skin which creates an extra layer of micro-insulation. This is easily one of the softest Merino fabrics in our range, (it’s The Boss’s personal favourite), and the Vital will not only generate extra warmth when you need it but help prevent you from overheating as well.

Altitude Long Sleeve

The Altitude Long Sleeve can be worn on its own as a next to skin layer in slightly milder conditions (down to around 10c/50f), or as a base layer over the Vital when the temperature drops even further. Usually, we’re Merino purists but we’ve made a slight exception and added 4% Elastane to these to give them an awesome, and very comfortable, four-way stretch. Something our Outsiders and customers all rave about. So no matter which way you zig, zag or fall, you’ll have a great range of movement. No restrictions. No limits. Choose the crew neck for a regular level of warmth and comfort, or go the Zip for even more versatility. Zip up for a warm neck and zip down to let some air in when you need to cool down.

 Altitude Neck Tube

This little piece of fabric is actually a whole lot more multi-talented and useful than you might think. Yes, we called it a Neck Tube because you can wear it around your neck, but as ioMerino Head Honcho David Michell likes to refer to it, it’s actually more of a “head thing”. The versatile Neck Tube can be worn as a face mask, beanie (great for under helmets!), bandana or as its name suggests – a neck tube! Original, right? But in all seriousness, the Neck Tube is super handy, incredibly soft and will keep your neck/face/head warm. It also happens to come in a pretty awesome range of colours.

Skull Cap

This Merino Skull Cap is the perfect accessory if you’re looking for lightweight head warmth. Not only is it super comfortable, it’s also incredibly versatile so you’ll be able to take it from the slopes to the trails and then to the pub – and everywhere in between! Made with 96% superfine Australian Merino wool, it’s completely breathable and also packed with performance including temperature regulation, moisture wicking properties and odour-resistance! The streamlined design means you can wear it as an extra layer of warmth under a helmet without bulk or gathering.

Reversible  Zig Zag and AzTech Beanie

These Amazing Reversible Beanies is made from 100% superfine Australian Merino and is the beanie you’ll absolutely want to be wearing when it’s cold outside. Super warm, lightweight and soft beyond belief, this beanie is your new ‘must have’ accessory. The superfine Merino is soft-touch/itch-free, so once you’ve worn it, you won’t want to take it off.

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