ioMerino at National Championships.

Our Finance Guru Tracy has represented South Australia at the National Pistol Shooting Championships for the past two years. This year’s event was held at Perth’s Whiteman Park in March, so Tracy made the trip over with her daughter, Brooke, who also competes at a national level. The event was a huge success and saw around 150 competitors from all over Australia.

While we’d usually rather be out on the trails, it was awesome to support Tracy as she competed at a national level in a sport she’s so passionate about. And with her exclusively printed Altitude Crew Neck Base Layer, she was even able to help spread the ioWord.

The Fashion Revolution.

Here at ioMerino, we’re passionate about doing the right thing by the environment, the planet and all of the people (and creatures!) who live on it. That includes you, our customers. And our friends who help turn our awesome Aussie Merino Wool into the amazing clothes adventurers all around the world know and love.

So during the week of 18-24 April, we supported the Fashion Revolution and took the opportunity to share with you the stories behind the people who make our clothes. And we asked you to be curious and ask your favorite clothing brands, Who Made My Clothes? Click here to check out our story. 

Hubert 100.

The Hubert 100 is one of South Australia’s newest trail running events and is held in Wilpenda Pound in the high profile tourist destination of the Flinders Ranges where you’ll find some of the most spectacular outback scenery in Australia. The course covered trails throughout the Flinders Ranges, including mountain climbs and technical descents, so it certainly wasn’t for the fainthearted.

Trail Lover and ioWearer Sarah Murphy and our new Canadian friend Sara Parobec both made the five + hour journey from Adelaide to Wilpena Pound to run, and we’re happy to report they both came home with winning medals. Sarah Murphy won the women’s 35km and Sara Parobec won the 80. We’re the first to refer to our layers as ‘high performance’, but in addition to being lightweight, warm and comfortable, perhaps it also makes you faster? In any case, the ioMerino Trail Running Team are in pretty good form right now. 😉

Osprey + ioMerino Giveaway.  

If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram, chances are you would’ve seen that we partnered with Osprey Packs, Telluride Mountain Film and a bunch of other awesome adventure brands to give away a trip for two to Telluride Mountain Film Festival, plus more than $5000 worth of gear.

Held annually in Colorado, the Telluride Mountainfilm is a documentary film festival that showcases nonfiction stories about important environmental, cultural, climbing, political and social justice issues. Along with the documentaries, the festival brings together world-class athletes from all over the globe, change makers and visionary artists. This year’s festival runs from May 27 – 30. For more info, click here.

The competition closed on April 20, so we hope all of you had a chance to enter and we’ll keep our fingers crossed you’re the lucky winner! If not, be sure to follow us on social media and join the club so you don’t miss out on more awesome offers and competitions coming up.

Tees for Trees.

We love Planet Earth here at ioMerino. After all, it’s thanks to Mother Nature we’re able to make our natural Merino Wool clothing, so in celebration of Earth Day, we took the opportunity to give back to the environment and also give you guys an awesome deal on some quality Merino Tees with our Tees for Trees initiative.

For those of you missed it, we were offering $10 off our range of natural Merino Wool Tees and promised to plant a tree for every single Tee sold. So a massive thanks to all of you who got involved and helped us help Mother Nature.

If you missed the offer but still want one of these awesome t-shirts, just click here.

The New Fleece Vest.

We’re only a month or so away from launching our brand new Fleece Vest and trust us, you’re going to want to try this one. It offers all of the natural warmth and comfort you’d expect from a Merino Wool Vest and even comes in a range of awesome colors. So be sure to sign up to our Member’s Club here and we’ll let you know as soon as it arrives.

But in the meantime, we managed to sneak an extra 35 Vests into production for our friends at Elders for their recent trip to China where they visited woolen mills and Merino farms. According to the team at Elders, the Vests were perfect for traveling as they made layering easy and light!

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