It’s one of Australia’s premier trail running events and we had a team of everyday runners proudly wearing their ioMerino while they tackled the 50km course. We were up there in the Blue Mountains at the race expo, making sure everyone was decked out in the mandatory, UTA compliant thermals that are required to run the race, while Team ioMerino did the hard work – tackling the course. We had a few people out there sporting their ioMerino on race day, (ioCrew member Sputnik ran the 50km course while ioTeam member Sarah Murphy smashed through the 100km), and usually we’d write a thorough race report that one of Australia’s premier race events warrants, but in this case, we’ve simply shared post-run summary from Lyn, one of the team, as it perfectly sums up what this race was all about. So in her own words, here’s how it played out:
“50km Ultra done and dusted. Big thanks to the ‘Blue Train’ for a great day (and as it turns out, night) out. Given our unexpected finish time of 11:34:53 I probably can’t convey all the events of the day/night without publishing a book of short stories, or a magazine serial. Instead maybe some key milestones and lessons learned will suffice…

First ultra I have entered that I managed to finish.

PB for time on legs – last PB was 6hr 40min and now smashed by nearly 5 hours. I predict the record will stand forever.

ioMerino is the bomb for running! We looked great and the top was fantastic. It was hot all day and when it got colder in the dark through the rain forest my outfit took me from day to evening effortlessly.

The event may have been called Ultra-Trail but clearly that is code for ultra-stair climb. I have now entered the Stadium Stomp at Adelaide Oval but will only do the last staircase and will claim ‘recognition for prior learning’ from Saturday. Taking all the mandatory gear is recommended. When they say put new batteries in your headlamp it is worth actually putting new batteries in your headlamp.

When the mandatory gear says NO COTTON this should be considered as a guide for underwear as well as outerwear.

Whingeing about training sessions on the powermill made the 2400mtr climb and descent possible. Mount Lofty (a popular hike in our home town) is 747m. Mount Lofty is for pussies.

After three hours out, cheese sandwiches on white bread are gourmet (I did know that before, but it cannot be overstated). Best pronounced gor-met for full effect.

We should have entered Carrie, (one of our team members), in the 100km because she had way too much energy with 1km of stairs to go and taking 2 stairs at a time as a “butt workout” after 49km of going up was just a slap in the face to the rest of us.

Champagne is appropriate for fueling your body and works both pre-and post race.

First aid facilities should not be located ‘up the stairs’ at the end of an ultra.

A buff and a medal is nice to receive at the end of an event but a tube of chafing cream would have been better.

If you are going to do something as ridiculous as a 50k Ultra, you should do it with friends. Our trainer may not have been with us on the track as planned, (after suffering a serious medical condition a few weeks before) but he was with us every step of the way.

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