Each year the South Australia Trail Championship is held in Cleland Conservation Park, about 20kms from the city of Adelaide. Usually home to plenty of kangaroos and koalas, the event sees 100s of trail runners hit the trails each year. The event is organised by Trail Running SA, and with our ioHQ also in Adelaide, it makes sense we’d sponsor such a great trail event.This year attracted around 500 trail runners who tackled the 6, 12 or 25km courses that take in some of the city’s most picturesque trails, winding their way through the Adelaide Hills. It was a chilly morning, and it’s always a little cooler in the hills than down in the city, so it was perfect ioMerino wearing weather and we certainly spotted a few runners wearing their ioMerino layers to keep them warm before the race started. We had the ioMerino team there showing off some of our gear, and ioCrew member Sputnik was there to run, wearing his NeckTube, Multi Sport Socks and Altitude Tank.

“The Altitude Tank is perfect for weather like this” Sputnik said before the race. “It gives you a bit of extra warmth when you’re waiting around at the start, but then you don’t overheat when you’re on your way. And I almost always wear the NeckTube to keep my ears warm when it’s cooler too as I get sore ears in the cold otherwise. As for the socks, I pretty much wear them all the time for everything these days. They’re super comfortable and good for all kinds of weather and across all sorts of distances. I’ve worn them for everything from warm weather hikes to 60km ultras through mud and rain in the past few months and they really are awesome.”

Click here to find out the gear we recommend for when you’re on the trails. 

With more than a few people taking a spill on the at times quite technical trails, there were plenty of sore knees and elbows to go along with Sputnik’s sore ears too! Thankfully there were no serious injuries though and most people seemed to have a great day out on the trails.

Jason Matulick took out top spot on the 25km Championship course in a time of 1:43:54, with a fairly decent lead over second placed Tom Goddard who came in around three minutes later. While Sputnik gave them a good run for their money, except not really. He was a little over an hour behind, but finished a very respectable 121st out of 204 finishers, and managed to take some pictures along the way!

You can follow Sputnik’s adventures on Instagram here.

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