The Mt Misery race is arguably one of South Australia’s tougher short course trail running races taking in some steep and often dangerously slippery single track this time of year. With 600+ runners setting off to tackle the 8/16/24km courses, the various starts were action packed, but the field quickly spread out over some serious ups and downs.

The morning itself was clear, but in single digit temperatures which always poses some challenges for runners waiting around to get going and warm up. The old adage is to “dress for how you’ll feel in 20 minutes” to avoid over dressing at a cold start line. The problem with that is, you can end up standing around in the cold for the better part of an hour which is not too pleasant on a morning like race day where temperatures were not far above freezing. Of course, some of the smarter runners donned their ioMerino lightweight thermal layers which not only kept them comfortably warm before the go gun, but helped prevent them overheating when they were on the move and temperatures were rising – as they eventually did!

Another very valuable lesson was learned out on course that day, with at least one runner injuring themselves and requiring a rescue. Due to the remote location of the accident, they had to wait out on trail for more than an hour in the freezing cold. While shorter races like this don’t usually require mandatory gear, and most of us have an “it won’t happen to me” attitude, it highlighted the importance of being prepared for the unexpected. Whether that’s an unexpected cool change or rain shower, being out there longer than expected… or an accident. It’s times like these a lightweight thermal layer that will keep you warm under all sorts of conditions can come in really handy. Wear one or whack one in your pack (even an men’s Xl Altitude long sleeve crew will fit inside a zip lock sandwich bag!), ioMerino will help you be ready for anything when you’re out on the trails!

Thankfully, everyone ended up safe and sound on the day (eventually!), and it’s fair to say it was another great success for the relatively new Trail Running SA club who continue to go from strength to strength with bigger and more enthusiastic turn outs at their events.At ioMerino we’re proud to support the club, and love getting out to run these awesome courses ourselves, or just cheer everyone along from the sidelines. Mt Crawford (Race Three in the series) is up next, and we finally have a replacement tent after our last one went on an unexpected adventure to who knows where, so we look forward to seeing everyone there!

Pics courtesy of ioMerino Crew member Sputnik who is currently recovering from a fractured ankle so was out there taking pictures instead of running. For a full gallery of images from the weekend, click here.

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