Living in Australia, overseas travel can often be hard, mainly because we’re geographically so far away from the rest of the world. A trip to the States or Europe generally means long haul flights and jet lag which, if you’re on a time constraint, isn’t ideal. The good news is we’re pretty lucky in the land down under and have so many travel opportunities in our own backyard. So with only a few weeks off over the holiday season, ioMerino Designer Sam and his partner Jaz decided on a road trip in Tasmania, or as us Aussies so affectionately like to call this amazing island, ‘Tazzie’.

Growing up in Launceston before moving to the home of ioHead Quarters – South Australia, Sam had a good idea of the places he wanted to visit during their two and a bit week road trip. And thanks to the help of social media, he and Jaz were able to plan an awesome itinerary starting with an eight hour drive from Adelaide to Melbourne and then jumping on the ferry to travel across the Bass Strait to Tasmania.

For those of you who don’t know, Tasmania is an island located 240km off the south-east corner of mainland Australia. It’s renowned for, once upon a time, housing the Tasmanian Tiger, its clean air and beautiful (sometimes even untouched) landscapes. In fact, over a third of the island lies in reserves, national parks and World Heritage Sites… pretty spectacular, right? But as the southernmost point of Australia, if you head about 2000km further south you’ll bump into Antarctica, so naturally, it’s also renowned for being bone chillingly cold.

For Sam and Jaz, not only was this the perfect opportunity to test out their brand new car, it also meant plenty of ioMerino wearing weather, which let them put some of our brand new products through their paces.

According to Sam, “Tasmania is the best destination in Australia. Well, for me anyway. Whether you’re into relaxing on the beach or hiking and adventuring, there’s something for everyone. The island is covered in various mountain ranges, forests, waterfalls, beaches, rugged coastlines and so much more.

“And if you’re into wildlife, you’re well and truly in for a treat. Australia is renowned for its wildlife, but Tazzie just takes it to the next level. We saw kangaroos, wallabies, pademelons, echidnas, cockatoos, wombats, snakes (shudders), lizards and kookaburras. Tasmanian devils are around too, but unfortunately we didn’t see any. We’ll no doubt be back again though, so that’s for the next trip”.

It’s safe to say they covered a lot of ground during this trip. In fact, they started right up the top of the island in Devonport, went as far south as Hobart and bumped into a number of towns and attractions in between. They hiked iconic areas including the Bingalong Bay, Mt William National Park, Wineglass Bay, Cradle Mountain, Mt Field National Park, and took some pretty amazing photos along the way. But for Sam, it was Cradle Mountain that really stole the show.

“Cradle Mountain was an awesome experience”, he says. “It’s no wonder it’s one of the most famous tourist attractions in Tazzie. A combination of amazing and world class scenery and abundant wildlife made me feel like I was really able to disconnect with everyday life and get back to nature”.

Some of the hikes were done at dusk, so they were glad to have packed their ioMerino layers. “ioMerino was amazing for this trip,” Sam explains. “Tasmania is well known for having four seasons in one day, so the flexibility of our ioGear was perfect. There were times when it was absolutely freezing and then the sun would come out.  When you’re out hiking, especially with photography, you really don’t want to be taking too much extra clothing with you”.

I took the Chaser Leggings, Keystone and True North Tees, the Elemental Zip, the Summit Hoodie and a few pairs of the Multi Sport Socks. I just about lived in my Burgundy Keystone Tee. Not only did it perform exactly how I expected, it looks great as well, which is pretty important for me as I’m a bit of sucker for nice clothing”.

We’re adding this beautiful island to our bucket lists and think you probably should too, so click here for more travel advice.

Be sure to check out the rest of Sam’s photos and upcoming adventures on his Instagram.

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