On 9 June 2015, record-setting Australian Adventurer Kyle Williams set out to run up Mount Wellington, located in the lush surrounds of Tasmania’s capital Hobart.

By Kyle Williams, Australian Adventurer

Kyle staying toasty warm at the summit in his favourite I/O Merino gear

At 1271 metres elevation and only 11 kilometres return, Mount Wellington doesn’t sound like much of a challenge. However, what it lacks in elevation and distance, it makes up for with brutally cold gale-force winds and, at times, even snow.

What I/O Gear did I use?

1. Altitude Crew Neck (Upper Body Base Layer)

2. Altitude Base Layer Full Tights (Lower Body Base Layer)

3. True North Heritage Tee (Mid Layer)

4. Park City Mid Layer Vest (Mid Layer)

5. Highpoint Neck Tube

6. Aztech Beanie

How Did I/O Perform?

As usual, my I/O Gear performed brilliantly. Merino clothing works so seamlessly with your body’s own thermoregulation that you’ll always feel ‘just right’ – never cold and never hot.

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To counter the brutal gale force summit winds (75-100 kilometres an hour), I layered 6 pieces of I/O Gear from head to toe to ensure I stayed toasty!

Importantly, I only endorse gear that I know works in real life battles like this and I/O Merino always delivers!

During my mountain running adventures, I need to be prepared for every possible weather situation. That’s where I/O Gear comes into its own. The versatility and breathability of Merino clothing allows me to stay warm when the temperature plummets, but remain cool when the sun comes out. This allows me to take only a minimal amount of clothing and keep my pack weight down, which makes running up and down mountains a lot easier!

The Best bits:

The long climb to the summit. It was a solid 5.5 kilometre uphill grind that was a solid test. It will prove perfect preparation for my upcoming record-breaking mountain adventure attempt in October.

Getting literally blown off the summit in 75-100 kilometre an hour wind gusts! It’s a pretty gratifying feeling taking the summit of any peak in difficult weather conditions, particularly when the horrific winds were blowing everyone else (read: tourists) off the mountain.

The Worst bits:

Getting literally blown off the summit in 75-100 kilometre an hour wind gusts. During times like those, I wished I spent more time bulking up in the gym.

In late October, Kyle embarks on his next record-breaking adventure: Attempting to set a new world record time for climbing the highest peak in each state and territory of Australia.

If he achieves this feat, Kyle will be the holder of 3 unique Australian mountain climbing and running records: 1. First person to climb all 26 of Australia’s 2,000 metres nonstop, 2. First person to run an ultra-marathon across the Snowy Mountains Main Range whilst climbing the highest 21 mountains within, and 3. Fastest time for climbing the highest peak in each state and territory of Australia.

Click here to keep up with Kyle’s upcoming adventures

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