The Festive Season is here again so it’s time to start thinking about the people we love, and whether they’ve been naughty or nice. If they love the outdoors, we’ve got you, and them, covered.

Socks & Undies. We know the good old socks and undies are a bit of a ‘go to’ gift idea, but if you want to mix it up a bit and show them how much you really love them, get them into some premium, soft and comfy ioMerino socks and undies. The socks are 80% super fine Merino making them some of the Merino-iest socks on Earth. And the undies are guaranteed to be some of the most comfortable you’ve ever worn. Forget ordinary – there’s nothing boring about ioMerino socks and undies.

Beanie. Not sure what size they are? Go the beanie. It’s reversible, so it’s like two gifts in one! You choose red or blue, they choose which way they want to wear it and everyone’s happy. These beanies are made from super soft Merino and are guaranteed ultra comfortable and itch free.

Tee Shirts. Who doesn’t like a good tee shirt? And these are seriously good tee shirts. If they love nature and the outdoors, get them an all natural tee shirt. None of that synthetic stuff. These are naturally everything. Naturally breathable, moisture wicking, temperature regulating and odor-resistant. They’re basically naturally awesome. Buy one of these for them as a gift and they’ll think you’re pretty awesome too.

Necktube. Here’s another ‘one size fits all’ gift. If you love them a bit, this makes the perfect gift, and it’s lightweight and compact, so you’ll save on wrapping paper. If you love them a lot, try one of these as a super awesome stocking stuffer and get them something else as well. But don’t be fooled by its size. These necktubes are versatile and really, really handy. It may not look like much, but it’s all sorts of warm and comfy goodness when the temperature drops. Plus, we’ve just received two brand new colours! Check them out here.

Jacket. These new jackets really are the duck’s guts. (To be clear, they’re not made from duck’s guts. It’s just the Australian way of saying they’re really rather good.) Buy them one of these and they’ll love you till the end of time. Maybe longer. These can be worn as a casual jacket, as part of your “I’m awesome” active wear outfit, or when you’re seriously out and about in the elements. They’re made form high performance MicroMerino® so they’re not just all show, they’re ready to go.

Long Sleeve Tops. You’re not exactly going to revolutionise Christmas gift giving with one of these, but our range of long sleeve tops are our best sellers and loved by everyone all over the world. They’re fully trail tested by our team of adventurers, ultra comfortable, and there’s a few different ones to choose form. The Vital long sleeves are a true ‘second skin’ base layer and are unbelievably light and comfortable. The Altitude long sleeves crews and zips are worn by skiers, snowboarders, runners, cyclists, MTBers, climbers, hikers, trekkers, kayakers, and probably plenty of other outdoor lovers as well. Pick your fabric, pick your colour, and you’ll have an awesome gift for anyone who loves getting out and about in nature.

How long does delivery take?

So most times of the year, our specially trained delivery kangaroos can get your gear from home base in Down Under Australia to anywhere on Earth within about four or five days. At Christmas time when things are particularly busy, sometimes it can add a few days onto delivery so if you want time to wrap it, try it on, and wish you’d bought one for yourself, we suggest you try and get your order in by no later than 14 December just to be sure.

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