The Facts about Merino Wool

Let’s be honest, there are all kinds of fabrics out there and some of them are actually pretty good. For certain things.
Silk, for instance, is excellent for fancy underwear, but not so great to ski in, for example. And given our name and what we do, of course we’re going to say merino is the best fabric in the world ever. But that’s only because when it comes to certain things, merino really is the best fabric in the world ever. And not just any old merino, but ours in particular. But more on that later. For now, let’s look at the facts.

fact 1 mernio is more comfortable

There are actually plenty of amazing things about merino wool, but the main one it’s famous for is its thermal insulation and breathability. Which means you’ll be more comfortable in almost any weather conditions. Some companies have spent an awful lot of energy trying to invent synthetic fabrics that perform as well as merino because making stuff out of wool isn’t easy and doesn’t make them enough profit – but those synthetic fabrics are still not as good at this as merino is, naturally. The fact is, merino is brilliant at keeping you warm when it’s cold, but keeps you comfortable when it’s warm as well, so it is an unbelievably good all rounder.

fact 2 merino is good for the environment

Merino is a renewable, natural fibre. Sure there are other natural fibers out there, but not with the same performance qualities as merino. So when you buy merino, you not only get something that performs the way you want it to, it doesn’t stuff up the planet in the process. After all, the planet is kind of important if you want to get out there and ski or run or snowboard or trek or climb or paddle or have some other sort of adventure that requires a natural environment.

fact 3 merino helps you stinnk less

Merino is stink-resistant. Yes, seriously. If you’re active, no matter what the temperature is, there’s a chance you’ll perspire. And if you perspire wearing regular fabrics, and especially synthetic sports fabrics, there’s a very good chance you’ll start to stink. Merino, on the other hand, has a natural tendency to repel the bacteria that causes the stink which means you’ll smell better longer. Something those around you will appreciate just as much as, if not more than, you will. This makes merino perfect for travelling and when you need to pack light and need to wear your gear a little longer than usual. Or you’re trying to impress a certain someone and don’t want to be a ‘Smelly Nelly’.

fact 4 merino protects from harmful UV rays

Ever seen a merino sheep with sunburn? No? Exactly! That’s because the merino fibers naturally absorb UV rays which will help protect you from the sun. We’re not saying don’t wear sunscreen or take other protective measures to stay safe, please do, but wearing merino is going to help. Another box ticked for merino.

fact 5 merino holds its shape

Merino is naturally elasticated. This is one of the reasons it’s more comfortable. It’s soft but strong and gives you a full range of movement which comes in handy when you’re being active. But it’s elasticity means it won’t stretch or sag, and when you’re finished doing whatever it is you’re doing, it will bounce right back to the way it was before. Hey presto!

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